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Energy Efficient Architectures and Signal Processing

The dramatic increase in the number of mobile consumer devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones and laptops has been made possible by the advances in electronics' energy efficiency.


However, new applications are constantly being invented and old ones are updated, which has lead to an ever-increasing demand for computational power, which results in higher power consumption of devices. As battery technologies advance only very slowly, improving the efficiency of computations has become the only viable alternative: more calculations need to be done with less power.

Our research on energy efficiency concentrates on this problem from the aspect of signal processing, which is required practically in all mobile devices. Improving the energy efficiency of signal processing systems cannot be done solely in software or hardware, but requires considering both, as well as the interface between.

Besides the work of improving the energy efficiency of signal processing, our group is also interested in hardware-software development tool chains with a focus on design automation. This work is done in close cooperation with national and international partners.

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