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Matlab codes for measuring image saliency

Matlab implementation of the saliency measure in [1]

saliencyMeasure.m (2010-06-01, ver 0.1) See function help for instructions and examples.


[1] Rahtu E & Kannala J & Salo M & Heikkilä J (2010) Segmenting salient objects from images and Videos. Proc. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2010) (Full paper, Stability analysis)

[2] Rahtu E & Heikkilä J (2009) A simple and efficient saliency detector for background subtraction. Proc. International Workshop on Visual Surveillance (VS2009), 1137-1144. (Full paper)

If you encounter problems or find bugs in the implementation, please contact Esa Rahtu (erahtu at ee.oulu.fi).

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