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OuluVS database

OuluVS database includes the video and audio data for 20 subjects uttering ten phrases: Hello, Excuse me, I am sorry, Thank you, Good bye, See you, Nice to meet you, You are welcome, How are you, Have a good time. Each person spoke each phrase five times. There are also videos with head motion from front to left, from front to right, without utterance, five times for each person.

Here is the document for the database collection information. The details and the baseline results for visual speech recognition can be found in:

Zhao G, Barnard M & Pietikäinen M (2009) Lipreading with local spatiotemporal descriptors. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 11(7):1254-1265.

The database can be used, for example, in studying the visual speech recognition (lipreading). If you want to get this database, please contact Guoying Zhao.

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