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GROTTO is a simple and convenient tool to generate ground truths for skew-tolerance evaluation of page segmentation methods. The problem is that there are page segmentation methods segmenting an image without prior skew estimation and correction. Such methods are especially useful in case of multiple skews within a page when some text regions are slanted differently than others. However, the performance of such methods is often only visually evaluated by a human mainly due to the fact that ground truths are mostly available for images without skew.

What is a ground truth? It is a special (normally text) file containing a description of what one should obtain as a result of correct page segmentation. The main obstacle to have many ground truths is that their generation is quite time- and labour-consuming. In our opinion, GROTTO is able to alleviate this restriction by making a whole process more automatic.

GROTTO is implemented in MATLAB 5.3 under Windows.

Create a directory "Grotto" (don't change this name). Download the file Grotto.zip to it and unzip this file. To start GROTTO, type "grotto" (without quotes) in the MATLAB prompt.



Contact to: Prof. Matti Pietikäinen ( mailto:mkp@ee.oulu.fi )

Dr. Oleg Okun

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