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Mission of the Center for Machine Vision Research

Our mission is to carry out leading edge long term research on machine vision technology, with an aim of bringing the results of the research close to applications.


The Center for Machine Vision Research (CMV) of the University of Oulu was established 30 years ago when Matti Pietikäinen returned from his research visit to University of Maryland, USA, at the end of October, 1981.

Research and researcher training on information technology

The Center for Machine Vision Research is a full member of Infotech Oulu, an umbrella organization for information technology research and researcher training, founded in 1996 at the University of Oulu.

Administratively, the CMV operates within the CSE - Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

A brief history and recent major achievements

Mitä on konenäkö? Johdatus konenäköön (pdf 480k)

Annual reports

Anniversary book

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