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== Dear Visitors, ==
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Here you find in detail, how to find to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and to the Linnanmaa Campus Area.

Google Street View of Tietotalo 1:


The street address to be given to the taxi driver is '''Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3, 90570 Oulu'''. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is located in the third floor of the Tietotalo 1.


The building Tietotalo 1 is located very close to the Linnanmaa main bus stop and taxi stop "Taksi 1". A well visible landmark is the telecommunications mast on the roof of the building (see pic above). The main entrance, '''Door E''', is just below the mast.

[[Contact|Personnel list of CSE]]

Floor plan of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering:


Map of the Linnanmaa Campus Area:


[[http://www.oulu.fi/english/about-us/visitors|For Visitors page of the University of Oulu]]

[[http://www.oulutourism.fi/en/|Oulu City Tourist Office]]

Small English-Finnish vocabulary:

 * University of Oulu = Oulun yliopisto
 * Department of Computer Science and Engineering = Tietotekniikan osasto

=== How to get from the airport to your hotel or to the University area of Linnanmaa? ===

The bus number 19 leaves straight from the Oulu airport towards Linnanmaa Campus area. The bus route goes via city centre. Travelling time is about 45 minutes (price of the ticket is 5,10 euros). Taxis are also available in front of the airport, travelling time is about 25 minutes (fare is about 35 euros).

The local bus stops around the city area are marked with yellow bus stop signs. You can travel to Linnanmaa Campus area by buses number 4, 6, 7, 19, 23 and 27. The trip from city centre takes 15 minutes (price of the ticket is 3,10 euros). Buses from the Linnanmaa Campus area to downtown leave approximately every ten minutes. Check the timetables from a journey planner Linjakas:


If you choose to travel by taxi, the charge is about 13 euros from the city centre to the Linnanmaa campus.

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