Data Mining

From plain data to useful knowledge

Data mining is the process of extracting usable knowledge from data sets. The measurement data can originate from various sources, for example from a production facility, human being or a consumer electronics device. The common factor for all these sources is that they contain useful information which can be extracted from the raw measurement data with the methods we are developing.

In the process of forming the knowledge, multidisciplinary research methods are used; we advance the development, integration and application of research methods commonly used for example in statistics, pattern recognition, software and database research.

Applying research results in real world applications

The measurement data originates from applications and therefore our research challenges are application-driven. For us, the applications offer concrete cases where we can prove the effectiveness of the methods we develope. Our research results have proven to be capable of improving and enhancing the applications by providing:

Currently we are working with applications from production, metal and mobile industries. However, our approach is not limited to any one field in particular and our research is always made in close co-operation with an application expert.

Advancing the transition of know-how into business

We have a solid track of industrial co-operation since the foundation of the group. At the moment, most of our research projects and applications originate from national and international industries. The co-operation is based on the needs and requirements arising from the industry. Based on these needs we transfer the latest, suitable knowledge in the field for the benefit of our partners.

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