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CRS - 3D color range scanner

In mobile robotics, the ability to acquire three-dimensional information from an environment and to have color information about surrounding objects makes the robot vision system more suitable for complex tasks, such as environment modeling and object recognition.

We have developed a low-cost and easy to reconfigure 3-D color-range scanner - CRS, which is able to capture the geometry and color of the measured object. The CRS utilizes a scanning laser sheet and the triangulation principle to acquire the geometry of the measured object. The projected laser stripe is detected using a matrix array pixel processor MAPP2200, which makes the scanner system compact and eliminates the need for any additional signal processing hardware. The color values for each 3-D point are acquired using a standard color CCD camera. For accurate range measurements and color value acquisition the physical geometry of the scanning system has to be determined and camera-to-camera calibration made between MAPP2200 and CCD camera. In-house camera calibration toolbox for MATLAB is used for both of these tasks. To maximize portability the CRS is connected to the RS-232 port of the host computer and can be easily controlled by using simple ASCII commands. Finally we show some 3-D images taken with CRS.


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