Mobile Biometry (MOBIO)

01/2008 - 12/2010

In determining the identities of users the required optimal reliability may only be achieved through the use of biometrics. Biometric authentication is a complex problem, and is still not reliable enough to be widely accepted. However, it has been shown that the use of multiple modalities increases the performance of biometric systems.

Addressing several innovative aspects in the framework of mobile devices

The goal of this project is to further study, develop and evaluate bi-modal (face and voice) biometric authentication technologies in the context of portable and networked devices. Scientific and technical objectives include robust-to-illumination face authentication, robust-to-noise speaker authentication, joint bi-modal authentication, model adaptation and scalability.

The project will investigate the following technologies: robust face localisation and speech segmentation in noisy environments, video-based face authentication, speaker authentication, bi-modal authentication and unsupervised model adaptation thought time.

The project is funded from the European Framework Programme FP7.


For more details, see the project website.


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