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Welcome to the MobiPhoto2011 Workshop!

The 2011 International Workshop on Applications, Systems, and Services for Camera Phone Sensing (MobiPhoto 2011)


In recent years, camera is becoming a standard function embedded in mobile phones such that people widely use the embedded camera to capture and record events in their daily lives. In addition to photographing capability, camera phones come with computing and wireless communication functions that make processing, managing, mining, and sharing photos are easy tasks for novice users. The increasing capabilities of camera phones including highly capable smart phones are creating new opportunities in camera phone sensing not seen before. Emerging application domains include social networking, entertainment, education, advertisement, environmental preservation, surveillance and safety, business, and health care. Among above, real-time interaction with social networking is a promising application domain where people can share photos and update their status through their social networking services in real-time manner. However, effective design and deployment of such applications involves addressing many research issues ranging from efficient platform design, image processing, storage, data mining, power management, user interface, communication of large amounts of photo data, and privacy issues inherent to camera phone sensing.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from academia and industry to showcase their work and obtain feedback. The workshop expects to act as a forum for research community to discuss practical issues in providing camera phone sensing applications. The workshop encourages position papers, novel ideas, early-stage research ideas, and in-progress work on system architecture, enabling technologies, and emerging applications. The topic areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

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