XPRESS - FleXible Production Experts for reconfigurable aSSembly technology

01/2007 - 12/2011

XPRESS is a four year EU-funded project and an acronym for FleXible Production Experts for reconfigurable aSSembly technology, which means in practice production lines that can be flexibly configured for manufacturing different goods. The motivation for the project stems from the fact that the current production lines in factories have to be highly customized and it takes a lot of effort to configure them to changing manufacturing needs. The results of this project aid putting up optimized production lines effortlessly and quickly. This can become a major improvement for the European manufacturing industry in the competition against outsourcing the production to countries with lower personnel costs. XPRESS is by far the largest individual project ISG has participated with a total budget of 12 474 572 euros (ISG share 1 066 411 euros). A total number of 19 different universities and enterprises throughout Europe participate the project with participants like Airbus and Harms&Wende (project coordinator) and universities from Germany, Poland and Finland.

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