Cooperative Traffic ICT SHOK

06/2008 - 06/2012

The vision of the Cooperative Traffic (CT) program is to promote sustainable traffic by making use of extensive information sharing based on novel technologies and services developed for different levels of a transport system. The program is funded by TIVIT, Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), companies and research institutions. The first four year program period lasts from 2008 to 2012.

We participate in the Sensor Data Fusion and Applications (SDFA) project of the CT program. This project focuses on developing solutions for collecting and integrating sensor data that can be used in the intelligent and innovative co-operative traffic applications. The project builds on existing and new sensor data sources and developing sensor and data fusion methods, which are further utilized to generate new potential applications for the industry. The work is done by building a toolbox of generic solutions and demonstrating these solutions with prototype applications. These applications are evaluated and most potential ones further refined to the level that allows them to be piloted within the CT program.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

Part of our current work on context recognition is performed in this project.


Professor Jukka Riekki

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