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Some photographs from the conference can be found from here.

Conference Proceedings Available

The GPC 2011 conference proceedings are now available at Springer Online. Online version can also be accessed at Springer Link.

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Program at a Glance

Keynote: Applying Microsoft Research Technologies to the 4th Paradigm in Scientific Research

Full Papers


Health and Well-being Technologies and Services for Elderly (HWTS 2011)

Self-managing Solutions for Smart Environments (S3E 2011)


Building a volunteer computing platform with XtremWeb-CH

The Fantasy and Reality of Conducting Pervasive Computing Research "in the Wild"

Development of Interoperable Multimedia Services using CAM4Home Open Platform

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Post Graduate Course

Greetings from the Conference Chairs

Welcome to the GPC 2011 Conference!

The Grid and Pervasive Computing conference is organized every year. Last year the GPC conference took place in Hualien, Taiwan. Now it will be held in Northern Finland in the City of Oulu. GPC 2011 is the top place to meet professionals in grid, cloud and pervasive computing, sensor networks, mobile computing, and service oriented computing. GPC 2011 is the place to get the latest information and meet researchers working in these fields.

The progress in these fields is fast as will be shown also by the keynote about applying Microsoft Research technologies to the 4th Paradigm in scientific research. This keynote will present how applying computer science tools and technologies - like cloud computing - to breakthrough science is accelerating scientific progress. This has happened in diverse areas of research ranging from astronomy to oceanography, from molecular biology to "big history" and from sociology to climatology.

The keynote is followed by two days of high-quality full presentations on the fields of the conference. This program is preceded by one day for workshops and tutorials. The first tutorial provides a comprehensive insider view to a large multidisciplinary research program, UBI program, that is building in Oulu a functional prototype of an open ubiquitous city, by deploying new pervasive computing infrastructure such as public displays and wireless networks at downtown Oulu, and employing the infrastructure to provide novel prototype services to the citizens. Two other tutorials present a volunter computing platform and a platform for interoperable multimedia services. The workshops focus on health and well-being technologies and services for elderly and on self-managing solutions for smart environments.

Those interested in experiencing the Northern nature can end the conference with a post-tour to Lapland and select there either shooting rapids in rubber boats or hiking in the wilderness and experiencing the sound of silence.

We look forward to your contribution and participation and hope that the conference will offer a forum for stimulating discussions and networking.

Warmly welcome to GPC 2011 and Finland!

Conference Chairs Jukka Riekki, Mika Ylianttila and Depei Qian

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